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how to purchase land in michigan.

Buying vacant land in Michigan is a gift that can be passed on to your kids and their children. Real estate is a prescious resource that cannot be recreated. If you do not have the cash to purchase property free and clear then you will need to work with a land loan lender that specializes in raw land financing. Most mortgage companies and banks only provide financing with conventional terms which does not allow for vacant land.

The first step to buy vacant land is to get a pre-approval form an approved lender. Once you have been approved for financing you many then contact a real estate agent in your area and request property listings. It is recommended that you drive by a few properties to ensure you like the area and community prior to visiting the site. If it is suitable for your interests, visit the property with an agent and place an offer to get the property. One your bid is accepted you will need to supply loan documents such as drivers license, pay information and assets and go through the underwriting process. Many times an appraisal will be required.

Upon final approval you will have a closing at a local title company and the transaction will be complete. You may then start enjoying your new purchase and set up your hunting grounds or being plans to build your dream home. If you have questions on how to buy land call us at or complete the short form below.